Take A Detour

Find your path with a cool soundtrack and a little geeky advice from the cosmos every Thursday from 7-9 pacific. At a fork in the trail? Email your story to info@detoursy.com and Kristen will serve as your trail guide on our next show!

All's Fair in Love & Table Top: Schedule, Playlist & More



What Are We All About?

All’s Fair in Love & Table Top is an upbeat, fun music radio show meant to breathe life back into the idea of radio. We aren’t local, so we’ll skip the traffic and news breaks to add more of that interesting, off-the-beaten path alt-rock you’ve been craving.

We’ll be sure to provide a great soundtrack to write your story to. At a fork in the trail you’ve chosen? No problem, our host Kristen can provide a little bit of geeky guidance from the cosmos. Email her your problems at info@Detoursy.com and we’ll help you navigate your way forward.

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